Is Venice family-friendly? If you’re about to answer “no”, I’ve got a big “Surprise, surprise!” waiting just for you. Both this city and those nearby offer fun activities for adults and kids, did you know? What if I told you there’s a huge amusement park just 1 hour and a half from the lagoon? And that’s NOT all, folks. So, let’s go and find out these things to do near Venice.

Top things to do in Venice – and close by – for Family Jacks

Here’s what you can do:

  • wander through Venice: if you’ve never been here, the city’s worth a walk through its narrow calli and hidden campi. Actually, even if you’ve already been here. Venice is, indeed, one of those places you’ll never get enough of and which can always amaze you. The trick when travelling with children? Take your time and involve them, for example in helping you find the way;
  • discover Venice on a boat: no, we’re not talking about gondolas, but about other typically Venetian boats. After all, Venice is a city built on water, and navigating through its canals will give you an utterly new perspective on its scenery;
  • take part in a workshop to experience the real Venetian craftsmanship: this city still has its own peculiar craftspeople, making parts of gondolas, glass beads, masks and much more. As well as giving you the chance to see them at work, some of them even have small workshops meant for both children and adults;
  • take a boat tour on the Garda Lake: let’s navigate, again, but this time to discover the buildings and the landscape all around Lake Garda;
  • enjoy a pair of days in a theme park: Gardaland is the most famous amusement park in Italy and the 8th most known park in Europe. Children simply cannot get bored in here: there are so many attractions, they’re just spoilt for choice. And adults, too.

But there’s one very important thing every Family Jack should keep in mind, before choosing any activity: planning their holiday.

A travel experience tailored to your family

Travelling with the whole family is not exactly a piece of cake: that’s why you should consider a planned holiday. This helps you prevent your children from getting nervous, as well as keep – almost – everything under control and not get anxious.

That’s why we’ve carefully designed a travel experience between Venice and Lake Garda from A to Z. That is, from Accommodation to Zooplankton, because we’ll take care of finding the places where you’ll sleep and have breakfast, as well as of the transfer from one city to another and of planning your daily experiences (for example, a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium in Gardaland), with the Local Jacks who guide you through the cities.

Here you can find some more details on our itinerary between Venice and the Garda Lake: check them out to decide on the best option for you, Family Jack!