sicily family trip: a story of trust

In July 2018 heartfelt travel project took place with a Sicily family trip. Those who followed us along 2018 may know it as An Australian family take a reality-trip to Italy”. For those who maybe don’t, I warmly suggest to take 5 minutes to read the following Sicily family trip tale. This is a story of trust between two passionate women despite the 14.373 km apart between them.

first of all Let’s talk about the main character: Brenda

Brenda runs a digital platform and a magazine passionate about sharing inspiring travel stories from family travellers. Her family is made up of two little curious travellers (Miranda 7 and Jude 10) and her husband Lou.

Consequently she is a busy entrepreneur-woman and mum with the travellers’ DNA! Furthermore Brenda:

  1. Has got limited time (seems like as tons of women of our time), but also a lot of creativity and passion;
  2. Is constantly looking for positive and educational boosts to share with her kids;
  3. Loves good food and wine (a most noteworthy skill).

Sicily: a land not widely understood abroad

For so long Sicily has been a destination Brenda and her family had wanted to visit.

Sicily is certainly a land full of contradictions and which is often not widely understood abroad. You know it’s beautiful, in addition its food is nectar of the gods. In contrast when you think of security it immediately becomes a destination to avoid (even more so “se tieni  piccirilli” .. aka you are planning a Sicily family trip).

the family and me: love at first sight

First of all I met Brenda in 2017 in Venice as I was showing her and her family a different way to enjoy Venice. A way I could only dream of” she finally said. Seems like still get emotional if I think about it. In a word we liked each other immediately even if with Miranda (little creative traveller) probably  it was love at first sight.

planning time: “the way I never thought possible”

Recently back from Sicily -where me and my team just have launched a number of partnerships with likeminded local businesses in the tourism space- I was so excited. Meeting such passionate and open-minded people, capable to provide unique and sustainable experiences, and suitable for family travellers. I couldn’t believe my life.

Poor Brenda! Poor because I went on and on about these partnerships and how they perfectly matched with our studies and research on the needs of every kind of traveller. As a result we finally found in Sicily valuable and cultural experiences for the entire family (and also family friendly accommodations !!). We kept skyping for months due to the need to talk about what travelling as a family means and what makes me so passionate about sustainable travel.

Until one day she told me :

I know Wanderjack is passionate to embrace travellers and share local knowledge with them as you explore the roads less explored. And so, with all of sharing a desire to visit Sicily we now get to accomplish that goal and experience it the way I never thought possible. We’re going to travel Sicily with Wanderjack in July”.

Therefore I’m moved to tears easily…and quickly.

We had the chance of making this Sicily family trip for travellers with kids from all around the world. A family who seek for an accessible trip to Italy without wasting too much time. Hence, the reality-travel “Heartfelt travellers lust different roads” was born. furthermore every stage of the travel expericence had been documented, shared and showcased via social media (from creation to the Sicily family trip).

the sicilian partners: a part of their family

I couldn’t be more proud of our sicilian partners. They welcomed Brenda and her family as part of them (it’s easy to find similar welcoming from sicilian people) still being very professional.

“…with such a warm welcome that we immediately felt part of the family. (….) This is a testament to how we found Sicilian people. They were so kind, considerate and happy to help but also connect with us and show real interest in our travels and family”.

the interview: sicily as adventure destination

Brenda recently gave an interview about her Sicily family trip to Segmento Magazine where she states :

I never associated Sicily with being an adventure destination yet in so many cases it can be!

Well done, then !

in conclusion we always think about it: the food

Finally I would like to conclude with an amazing metaphor used by Brenda to describe our adventure:

Let me tell you about how Italians cook.  There is never a recipe – it is passed down from generation to generation, changing and adapting from family to family.  The purpose of cooking in an Italian family not only to fuel the body with nourishment but to bring the family and friends together for a unique experience.”

Brenda Pomponio

Let’s savour a Sicilian cocktail of experiences tailored to family taste.

You know you need it. We know you deserve it.