Whether it’s your first or your third time, if you’re planning to visit Italy you’re in for one of the best travelling experiences of your life. What about making it even more authentic and Italian-like? Here are four simple things you can do.

Sailing around Venice like locals do

If you’re in Venice, there’s of course nothing wrong in taking a tour around the canals in a gondola.

But here’s an alternative that can be as exciting and as romantic: sailing around with a motorboat. This way, you’ll get to see more places and explore the most secluded corners of the city.

Breakfast in a bar with cornetto e cappuccino

We know breakfast is included in the price of the hotel, but if you want to have it the Italian way, go to a bar in the morning and order a cappuccino e cornetto.

Cornetto is what the French call croissant, but you want to use the Italian word to order.

Feste or sagre are the places to be

Once you’re in the tourist office, search for leaflets about a festa or sagra, usually followed by the name of the patron saint or a dish.

Sagre are ultra-local fairs with food stands, music, and other events. Here you’ll find out what too many tourists miss out on: Italian food goes way beyond pizza and pasta. Indeed, it’s a smorgasbord of regional unique dishes.

Give a man a fish…

If you like seafood, in Venice you’ll have a great culinary experience. And here’s a way to make it even greater: go behind the scenes and spend a day with a Venetian fisherman, to discover where the seafood you’re eating comes from.

So now you know: to make your next trip to Italy more authentic, you don’t need to go extreme. Just sweat the small stuff.