It’s like the old saying goes, when in Venice… do as all tourists to. By that we mean getting lost in the maze of calli and go where no one dared to go before (except the locals). And if you can’t really find your way back, you can always take out your map or GPS.

For the more unconventional type of travelers out there, the “lost in Venice” theme may not sound terribly original, but it’s fun, and it can also serve as an admission test to the city. After that, you’ll be ready to move forward in your Venice experience, and a good option is to enjoy a one-day trip in the hinterland of the Veneto region.

Let’s take a look at two options on Wanderjack’s menu.

Veneto’s historical heritage

If you want to take a break from Venice’s decadence, but not from history altogether, then let us take you to a tour around the Prosecco area, to three medieval jewels on the crown: Asolo, Bassano del Grappa and Marostica.

In these small towns history will be all around you, from the old medieval castles and fortifications, to Renaissance buildings and old osterie.

Marostica is also known for the human chess game, an historical reenactment that takes place every two years in the beautiful chess square. The game is the celebration of a very wise choice that was made in the 15th century, when two noblemen fell in love of the same woman, but instead of trying to kill each other in a duel, they sorted the matter with a chess challenge instead.

Bassano del Grappa. If the name reminds you of the grape-based spirit, that’s because Bassano is the place where it was invented. With its austere look, the Palladio wooden bridge and the castle overlooking the town, you’re very likely to fall in love with it.

Asolo. The strong medieval feel of this small town used to be a magnet for poets and artists (Robert Browning and Ernest Hemingway, to name just two), and once you’re there, you’ll see why. Not to miss are a visit to Villa Contarini Degli Armeni, and a walk up to the ancient Rocca (possibly before lunch, as it’s very steep).

Getting lost in the vineyards

Oh no, not getting lost again, you’re probably thinking. Don’t worry, we’re just kidding. In fact, it would be difficult to get lost in the neatly arranged vineyards of the Soave area near Verona. The correct word would rather be immersed in the nature and atmosphere of the countryside, riding on a horseback and admiring the soft curves of the hills. Here is the full package.

Veneto is one of those places where wine and food have a permanent bond, and nowhere else in the region is that more apparent than around Treviso, where world-famous sparkling wine Prosecco is produced.

In our package entirely dedicated to this area, we don’t just want to make sure you’ll taste great wine. Wine is a labor of love, so we’ll also do our best to show you the passion and tradition of the winemakers.

Unconventional traveler, feel neglected no more. If you want to go off the beaten track, but with a guide constantly on your side, we have what you’ve been looking for.