Before leaving for your trip

First-aid kit: check! Name tag: check!

You are a lean, mean packing machine. You never forget anything, and never bring more than necessary.


You forgot to pack your underwear, again…

Packing your luggage is a nuisance you would happily avoid, so you leave it to the last minute. You’ll probably forget something important, but hey, you’re here for the adventure, right?


Travel guides are for losers.

You know so much about the place you’re visiting, you hardly need a travel guide. In fact, it seems like you’ve lived there all your life.


No, really, where are we going exactly?

You’re too busy to get to know anything about the place before the trip, but you’ll definitely catch up once you’re there (although you know you won’t).

Once you’re there

Let’s hang out with the locals!

What’s the point in travelling if you don’t immerse yourself in the local culture and mix with the local people?


Where’s the Starbucks here?

Enough with that “try everything once” nonsense. You want to find a nice place where they serve your favorite food, speak your language and show sports highlights on a big screen.

Your smartphone and you

I’ll respond when I’m back

Travelling means connecting with a new place and disconnecting from the old one. You still have your smartphone with you, but you try to use it as little as possible.


What do you mean there’s no Wi-Fi?

You are a serious case of FoMO (Fear of Missing Out), so what? There’s nothing wrong in taking a break from a wonderful sunset on the beach to check your Twitter updates.

How you spend time on your trip

There’s no rest for the badass.

Going back to the hotel for a nap is not an option. Your time is limited, so you want to make the most of each and every minute.


This bed is so comfy!

Sure, hiking and sailing are exciting activities, but vacations are for relaxing, right? Let them do the crazy stuff, all you need is a good night’s sleep before going to the hotel lounge to chill out for a few hours.

When the unexpected happens

No big deal, we’ll figure something out.

There’s no point in panicking if something unexpected happens, you’ll find the way to solve it. No trip is completely glitch-free.


OMG it’s a scene from Lost!

You LOVE adventure. The problems that come with it, not so much, so you tend to overreact a little when they happen.

When you’re almost at the end of your trip

I can’t believe the vacation is over!

You had such a great time that you wish you could stay longer. There are so many places to see, people to get to know, food you haven’t tried yet…


I can’t believe the vacation is not over yet!

This is a nice place, really, but you’re happy you don’t live here. You can’t wait to go back home, to the best soy latte you ever had, your mom’s food, and Wi-Fi connections that don’t suck.

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