500’s Ride up to Cultural Park Experience

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A 500 car doesn’t need any presentation: more than a car is a symbol, a dream of freedom but with a vintage touch. Wind through the hair and hands up: this is your 500’s ride up to the Farm Cultural Park!


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Have you ever dreamed to have a ride on a 500 car? Would like to have a vintage experience? This is what we are speaking about! These cars belong to the recent past but are nowadays a symbol more than anything else. They were made in Italy in the Sixties (during the so called Economic miracle) and since then they symbolized the freedom, the opportunity to reach everywhere and it doesn’t matter how far is your destination, you will get there. Slowly and taking your time. And we think this is the best and only way to visit a destination for real.

We offer you the possibility to enjoy a ride on these tiny cars experiencing an amazing tour of Favara, a lovely city near Agrigento. You will have the chance to visit the famous Farm Cultural Park too: an amazing independent cultural center where you can breathe inspiration everywhere. Museum, workshops, bars, restaurants and so more! Here art and culture gave Favara a new identity and a future dimension for the news generations.

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3 hrs

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