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Becoming a Venetian fisherman experience

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Hands marked by cold water and face against the early morning sharp air. You need passion to be a fisherman and not just doing it. You need love for your land, the desire for freedom and the knowledge of the old fishermen. A school to become a  fisherman doesn’t really exists, so if you want to be one, you must be lucky enough to find a teacher and listen to what he has learn over the years.

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The experience will take place in the northern islands of the Venice lagoon, like Burano, Torcello, Mazzorbo and St. Erasmo. Each zone has its own peculiar type of fishing: clams, cuttlefish, “novello” fish, “moleca” crabs. You take part at these techniques demonstration and you will get in the game testing  what it’s like  to fish with these particular techniques.

The main activities carried out by the fishermen who will accompany you in the lagoon waters are: the clams breeding-fishing, traditional fishing technique done with “tresse”, with “cogolli” and the fishing of “novella” fish, during March until May. Open sea fishing boats are dedicated to the harvesting of bivalve mollusks and some of them practice trawl fishing.

With these “fishing tourism” activities you will become aware of the social, cultural and economic value of the fishing in the Venice lagoon. You will know a glimpse of their picturesque daily life, retracing the ancient tradition of the Venetian culture.


Trying this ancient fishing techniques, you will appreciate the resources of the sea, absorbing the fisherman teaching and putting them into practice. In this way you will learn how to approach nature in the right way and with the right means, without compromising the ecosystem.

You will be the type of traveler who immerse himself in the fishing world, and become a fisherman. The venetian fishing community will welcome you, transmitting their essential values with the fishing practice. What it is more exciting than knowing artisanal fishing techniques, given to those who like and care to preserve their tradition?

As a reward for this effort, if you want you can have lunch at a restaurant popular by fishermen in the Lio Piccolo area, or take a short break at a quaint place, cherished by fishermen as well.

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Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
3 hrs; 6 hrs

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
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Safety tips
  • wear clothes that can get wet
  • listen to the fisherman’s recommendations