Iblea Coast Trekking Experience (by day and night)


An exciting easy trekking along the Iblea Coast, admiring the wonderful scenery of the sea: hidden beaches and wonderful natural landscapes

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You are near Ragusa, one the most wonderful baroque city of all Italy, a jewel nestled on a hill. We want you to spend a day in the wonderful environment of the Iblea Coast, where the colours of the sea and the sky are of a vibrant blue.

It’s an easy trekking, designed specifically for you to enjoy your surrounding: the Reserve of Cava Randello made of dunes and pine forest, the Iblea cliffs of Punta Braccetto and Punta Secca, the uncontaminated beaches of Cava d’Aliga and Samperi. This and even more: hidden passages of smugglers, disused factories, Saracen towers and the sweet sound of the sea always near you.

And we weren’t be Wanderjack if we wouldn’t offer you something more: do you want to try this experience under the moonlight? You can do it! Different senses and the sound of crickets will lead you during your amazing trekking in the night time.

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

All year. In summer time it could be better to do this experience in the evening/night time due to the hot weather

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
5 hrs

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
Easiness level

The weather.

Safety tips

Sportswear, trekking shoes, sun cream and water.