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Lil’ Jack farmering experience

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Farm life is marked out by nature and animals rhythms. Nothing pays you back  more than picking up fruit you saw ripen in the sun or look after newborn puppies. Everything always reward the effort you made, whether you already have experience in doing it or not.


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Whether you are familiar to the farm environment or not, during this experience you will be always followed by the smile of the owners. Farm people are passionate to their work and so they are also passionate with the people who came to visit them.  Besides working, you will also learn to ride a horse, to make ice cream or to cook at one of the many workshops developed either for children or for adults. Staying here you will have leisure time and  relax ones by the pool. If you have a more adventurous spirit, you can also have a beautiful horse ride over the surrounding hills.

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
2 hrs

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
Easiness level
Safety tips
  • comfortable outwear