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You can walk Venice for kilometers without any stop or but can leave the land and sail around it. In this way you could have the sensation to caress it. You will discover its life through its coves, canals and mansions reflected on the lagoon. Sailing around Venice it is like to be taken by hand and be hanged around.


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In these little islands you can see meadows and trees which will take different green shades at  the sunlight. Romantics and Venice lovers, could do a sailing trip across the city’s canals in a small boat, suitable to fit bridges  in order to have a different perspective of this magnificent lagoon city.

During the visit, you will stop and have a cocktail with “cicchetti “, a real specialty of the venetian cuisine.

If you want to go over standard limits, you can leave Venice sailing along the islands that are all around the town.

You will get close to Lido, Lazzaretto Vecchio, S. Giorgio Maggiore, and some others different places. You will move around the Venetian lagoon, getting crazy about every single detail. You will love the sight of San Marco and the water all around, enjoying a snack or having lunch all together on the boat.

Those who already know the lagoon and its islands, there is  very nice option to visit Caorle.

A guided excursion to the historical zone, including the practice of  these area traditional fishing: the boat tour will get you closer to this fishermen world.

During the sail you can also see places where the american writer Hemingway lived. At the end of this experience you will have the chance to taste a good coffee at a “casone”, where fishermen gather regularly.

Little Jack can surely be part of these activities, with group games or educational activities tailored to  the type of itinerary chosen.

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Safety tips
  • if stopping at Poveglia’s Island, better not have pets or children on board
  • if stopping at Poveglia’s Island, it is highly recommended  to wear tennis shoes or at least sneakers