Pantalica’s Biking Experience


Be ready to ride your bike to discover the famous necropolis of Pantalica (in an unconventional way as always!)


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Pantalica is one of the most famous archaeological site of Sicily and from 2005 is part of the UNESCO heritage. Placed near Siracusa on a cliff that overlooks the deep valley of Anapo, is also a wonderful natural oasis, immersed in a wild environment.

This necropolis offers the opportunity to dig in the ancient past and in mythology as well: just imagine that the stronghold of Pantalica reaches the height of its powers when the Mycenaean people of the legendary Agamemnon were sailing the seas in search of new commercial landings.

So be ready to ride your bicycle and admire the 5.000 burial caves carved into the natural rock and the Anaktoron (Prince’s Palace) located on the hilltop, as reminder of the grandiose Mycenaean palaces. And if you’re lucky and the weather is hot and sunny, you could have a swim in the Anapo river!

Who said you can’t explore an archaeological site in an unconventional way?

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

All year.

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
4 hrs

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The weather.

Safety tips

Sportswear, trekking shoes, sun cream and water.