Ragusa’s Countryside Donkeyback-riding Experience

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Discover what is behind the most authentic liquid gold of Sicily: the olive oil. A walk in the history of this tradition, tasting and admiring the countryside of Siracusa


Donkeys are gentle, steady animal that may be saddled and ridden in a similar fashion to horses. To ride them it’s completely safe even for little kids since they have a slow and steady pace.

Donkeys were originally desert animals and they are adept at moving though tough terrain without very many breaks. Besides, because of their great endurance, they have often been used as pack animals in the Sicilian mountains and used to traverse tough hiking trails.

In a traditional farm where each donkey has its own name, kids could learn how to approach them and how is important to respect animals and the Nature.

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

All year.

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
1 h and 30 min

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
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The weather.