Siracusa’s Sailboat Experience


Chasing the myth of Siracusa in the sea: swimming free in wonderful bays and tasting a delicious lunch on board


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Just image a day where you will chase the myth in the sea of Siracusa, while relaxing and having fun on a sailboat.

Be ready to discover the immortal legends behind the Fountain Arethusa and the Source of Zillica (Alpheus) in the Great Harbor of Siracusa (from which you will depart for this adventure on the sea). You will sail to the most beautiful places located in the Siracusa wonderful sea and the cruise will be a mix of culture and nature.

And we want for you to enjoy this sailing at its best so there will be several stops when you can swim in the crystal waters and untouched Marine Protected areas. Thus, when it’s time to eat, you can relax and admire the beautiful bay where we will have anchored while a delicious lunch is prepared on board.

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

From May to September

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
5 h and 30 min

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
Easiness level
Safety tips

It would be better if you bring with you a waterproof jacket, a swim suit, sunscreen protection and if you might need it, some motion sickness medications.