Siracusa’s skydiving Experience


This is more than an experience: is a challenge for yourself to fight against the fearing of the void. Are you ready to feel the adrenaline while jumping down?


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Fearing the void is what everyone has the terrors of. Jumping from a plane and let yourself fall is one way to overcome it.

We have prepared everything with the maximum care and security: you have a theoretical course on the ground, where the instructors will explain every detail necessary. And then, you flight high until you reach the right altitude. Don’t look down, focus on your breath, in and out, just close your eyes. Can you hear the sound of the aircraft engine? It doesn’t matter if you have the hearth in your mouth.

Are you ready to jump and have the most incredible and terrific experience of all your life?

Experience Features | Seasonality – Wanderjack

All year. From mid-January to the end of February there couldn’t be possibilities to do the experience due to the bad weather conditions.

Experience Features | Duration – Wanderjack
1 hr

Experience Features | Safety – Wanderjack
Easiness level


Safety tips
  • experience suitable for those who are not afraid of heights and who hasn’t heart issues
  • wear comfortable clothes