Tasting Oil Experience

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Discover what is behind the most authentic liquid gold of Sicily: the olive oil. A walk in the history of this tradition, tasting and admiring the countryside of Siracusa

In the countryside of Siracusa there is a treasure to be found that was used once to massage Olympic athletes and anoint kings and with an aroma that is soaked in history. Greeks called it elaion and latin oleum, for all the Mediterranean people was an authentic liquid gold: it is the olive oil.

You will meet the men which preserve this tradition and you will have bit tastes of oil, learning how to recognize all the different shade of the flavour. Then, be ready to have a walk among these centenary olive trees, admiring how they cloak gentle hills and slope down to the sea. It seems to be able to go back in time, to soak up the history, to dive in an eternal landscape which has remained intact over the centuries.

Just have a look at how the fronds and the powerful branches stand out in the horizon, still full of light, of oil and of life.

The olive trees are an historic landscape, the same one which has accompanied the Normans and the Aragonese, the Angevins and the Spanish: a walk in these olive groves is like a walk in the history of Siracusa and all Sicily.

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All year.

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1 h and 30 min

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