Teatro dei Pupi in Sicily & Puppet Lab Experience

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Teatro dei Pupi is not only a form of art: is a dream, an everlasting story that takes form in these tiny puppets. Be ready to be enchanted with all the family by this experience


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The theatre isn’t big for real and the stage as well. While sitting on the soft cushions, the eyes on the tiny puppets that are moved in front of view, you will ask yourself though how they can seem so real, so big, so alive. Teatro dei Pupi is this and even more: is a form of art, the preservation of an everlasting tradition. It belonged to when television and internet didn’t exist and people gathered together to enjoy puppets show, to laugh and cry following the epic stories of love and war.

And since we want to prolong the magic, you can have the chance to visit the laboratory where puppets become alive, restored and take care of.

Centuries has passed but Teatro dei Pupi is still an amazing experience, it doesn’t matter your age.

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