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Valley of the Temple as you never have thought to visit it: come and see how we can turn a classic experience in an unique one!


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The Valley of the Temple is probably the most famous UNESCO site in Sicily and even now it fascinates thousand and thousand people every year. Just be near this terrific archaeological location would inspire you, let your mind drive off with imagination to when Sicily was part of the glorious Magna Grecia. Hera, Zeus, Hercules, Demeter, vindictive gods and fearless heroes won’t be abstract names after this amazing experience!

We want you to explore the Valley of the Temples according to your need! If you are a family, what is better than exploring the area with a kid-friendly Local Jack who could let your children learn about the history of this ancient site by playing funny and educational games? Maps, compasses, treasure hunts and a fervid imagination: the best mix to learn by doing!

And if you don’t want to visit the Valley in the same and classic way, what is better than biking around? Just imagine you on that bicycle near the massive temples! And when you think things won’t go better than that, we will surprise you with an aperitif near the Temples!

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All year. In spring time there is the almonds blossom which makes the Valley wonderful.

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