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wanderjack-insidersWanderjack is an Elena’s idea.

After many years of having to wear smart shoes and suits, but still dreaming of being barefoot, she decided it was time to get back to real emotions and feel free again.

But it is not easy to let yourself go and allow your inner self to emerge..

Sometimes it takes a slap in the face or a journey across the Australian outback.

When Elena got back from that trip, she entered the office with a new resolution. For a long time she had been thinking 15420791_246949935717764_109938772692788146_n about creating a new kind of tour operator service which would offer a way to have a much more authentic experience of a place and culture – fragrances, flavors, meeting artisans and locals in their home environment.

Elena was determined: it was time to make a new start.

Each trip deserves the right partners – co-operation is the key to developing a successful project. Each experienced member of our team plays a special role providing their own personal experience to create something unique with the wow factor.

img_0783So … we wrote tons of notes on post-it paper slips, created posters with them and went through hundreds of felt-tip pens as we planned, developed and eventually started to put together a dream.

Elena then crammed us into a 70s VW campervan and we set off on a new adventure.. We went in search of authentic experiences for Jack, our traveler.


We visited olive oil producers and wineries, we rode horses through amazing landscapes.

we paraglided towards the horizon enjoying the silence of nature, we rowed along rivers and across lakes and made beautiful objects with the help of skilled artisans.

Most of all we met people. Local people who welcomed us with open arms,img_8857

who love their vineyards as much as they love their kids, who know their land like the back of their hand and are able to describe it with the utmost passion and transmit this to us. 

Sometimes we got lost in places we did not even know existed, but Elena always got us back onto the right route.

On this “journey”, we learned to trust each other, creating new words to describe unique experiences, sketching our vision of “Jack, the traveler” and taking pictures with him in mind.

One day we decided to leave, and now we are ready to go ahead in this adventure, since we are a proactive team who wrote the “traveller’s manifesto” and we share the same DNA.


People Branding

People Branding is targeted to those who decide to move day by day from what they know and do, and to someone that needs to acquire visions and instruments suitable for a changing world. It is a simple approach method, that provides a set of integrated and modular tools useful to understand and to create value for its business ecosystem. Differently from other methods and business models, People Branding has an “outside-in” approach centered on people, relationships and sharing; it believes in the game to stimulate lateral thinking and co-creation; it believes that the need to address the dynamically strategies is a central point.

Giovanni Maisto

Illustrator and Concept artist, his aesthetic research is inspired by the purity of beauty in all its forms, ranging from illustration to embracing the world of cartoons, video games and films.


Atman aims to help companies to develop the online brand potential and their business performances, ensuring the best operational management processes and all different tools that characterize the Web. The best technological and marketing solutions, combined with the experience and the creativity of our team, will enable your company to reach real and measurable results.

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