Sustainable Travel



Jack is addicted to travel. Jack is in love with the beauty of discovery, respects the destination and travels with wisdom, cares for the environment; Jack is a responsible dreamer.



Jack travels with passion and believes in the true experience: he desires to access to other people’s cultures, ways of life, food and environments. Jack wants to live the experience in first person, touch it directly and connect with people.



Jack doesn’t wait for the “tourist season” to open, and doesn’t conform with the masses. Jack is not just a number. Whenever he wants, whenever he needs.



Jack wants to experience new destinations, new and authentic people… new adventures. Jack respects other cultures and attempts to experience and understand heritages and diversities.



Jack knows tourism brings positive impacts as well as negative ones, he aims to create the maximum benefit to local communities with the least possible social and environmental impact. Jack gives something to the local community, but he knows he will take back much more. Jack cares to preserve and enhance and desires to share and transmit.

Would you like to be like JACK?

All of this means Wanderjack. Choosing the right destinations, the right suppliers, to ensure the preservation of threatened communities and areas is essential to us.

Choosing the appropriate sights, the unspoiled tastes and smells to pledge the correct way of travel is our mission.

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