6 days


Siracusa is impressive, solemn, intriguing, with stunning and incredible views on ancient history.

We’ve got loads of family-centred activities to do in this amazing area because even if you spend only one week in Sicily, it should be a blast!

You start from tasting the incredible Sicilian street food wondering in Noto and then watching the timeless “Teatro dei Pupi” in the old town (fun for both kids and adults because you are never too old to dream with puppet’s stories). And then, which experience is better than spending an entire day in the countryside, where your kids could have fun in the open, learning what is behind the harvest and where you could relax immersed in the nature? And, if you like the idea, you could have a day in the sea near Siracusa, exploring the coastline and appreciating all the treasures you could see only from a boat! Fun by the ton awaits your entire family!

We choose the accommodation specifically thinking to your need as a parent: immersed in the natural environment of the Oasi of Vendicari and distant from the chaos of the city. And near to everything you should need (from the bakeries to the pharmacies), to let enjoy your Travel Experience at its best. And remember: the Local Jack (your guide during the entire holiday), will be there for you every time you should have any request or any doubt: just ask him/her!

Trip program
day by day
day 1

Glad to introduce you to Siracusa

Your adventure in Sicily begins now.

You and your family can spend some time taking a look around, before getting to your accommodation. This is an agritourism, immersed in the countryside but not far from Siracusa: you will have time to relax and your kids to play around free and happy.

A Local Jack, your guide during the entire holiday, is right there, waiting for you. He/she will review the details of your trip with you and give you some tips on supermarkets, main squares, restaurants, chemists, and the like. As, for example, a traditional Sicilian food that you and your family should definitely try while staying in Siracusa. Because we like starting off on the right foot.

If you are concerned about not finding clear directions for arriving to wherever you need to, contact-us, we will be glad to arrange a transfer service for you

Accommodation Services: Free WiFi, Free parking, Heating, Air Conditioning, Outdoor Pool, Facilities for disabled guests, Baggage storage, Pet friendly

Overnight stay area: Siracusa

day 2

Wander through the streets and dishes of Noto

Let’s go for a walk, but without hurry: the trip moves at a good pace even for the little ones and helps them discover the old jewel of Noto, famous worldwide for its delicious almonds. And in the meantime, the big ones come to know countless anecdotes – as well as the delicious Sicilian street food. Between markets and street vendors of the typical Sicilian bruschetta, you’re spoilt for choice. And children greatly enjoy gelato and tasteful cassata.

Duration: 3 hrs

You are an experience drawer as well, so come and draw with us your unforgettable journey. According to your needs you will meet again with your Local Jack during the day, in order to plan the next days of your trip.

Suggestions: Wear comfortable shoes

Overnight stay area: Siracusa


day 3

When we speak of Teatro dei Pupi we are not referring to old puppets moving around a stage, telling old fairy tales. This old Sicilian tradition is an entire world of characters, stories, adventures and even if you have thought to go with your kids to a simple puppet’s show…you will end completely enraptured!

Duration: 2 hrs

In the afternoon you can enjoy your free time or check out here other experiences. According to your preferences you will meet again with your Local Jack during the day, in order to plan the next days of your trip.

Overnight stay area: Siracusa

DAILY EXPERIENCES RELATED: Live local, Handmade lab

day 4

You should not go far to enjoy the pleasure to spend a day in the countryside! You choose the activity you prefer according to the seasonality and then let be guided by the friendly farmer’s hands! Your kids will learn how is important to respect the nature and the earth from which vegetables and fruits are made from. And, if you want, you can cook what you have picked! Sometime simplicity is the best way to the happiness.

Duration: 3 -4 hrs

According to your needs you will meet again with your Local Jack during the day, in order to plan the next days of your trip.

Overnight stay area: Siracusa

DAILY EXPERIENCES RELATED: Live local, Handmade lab, Green

day 5

You spend, if you like the idea, an entire day in the open sea admiring the coastline of Siracusa and the island of Ortigia. Your kids will love the experience like if it was an adventure! You explore the hidden treasures, like the marine caves that surround the old city  and, according to the season, you can snorkelling around in the crystal water. Doesn’t sound perfect?

Duration: 2 hrs

Overnight stay:  Siracusa


day 6


On this last day, if you like, we can accompany you all to the airport by car and help you find your flight. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that your holiday remains a pleasure to the very last minute.



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