9 days

Highlight of Sicily

Highlight of Sicily

You are going to experience a journey through the most authentic parts of Sicily you can imagine.

We strongly believe in sustainable travel, so get ready to meet the locals, see breath-taking landscapes, learn about art, history and traditions in a fun way, and taste sublime local products.

Your accommodation are selected in terms of sustainability and quality.
Your personal Local Jack (or local assistant) will give you all the information you need (from where the nearest pharmacy is to finding a good delicatessen for your holiday gifts) without being intrusive.

Trip program

day by day
day 1

Welcome to CATANIA

Your adventure in Sicily begins now!

At the Catania airport you will find a rental car by which you can reach your accomodation in Catania countryside.

Accommodation description:
Just a short drive from Catania and a stroll from the sea in the middle of the Simeto nature reserve. With a stunning view of
Mount Etna, you can relax with a glass of Sicilian wine. The estate surrounding the country house is planted with eco-sustainable orange groves.
Accommodation facilities :
Free WiFi, Heating, Air Conditioning, Pet friendly, Kitchenette, swimming pool, free bikes hire, communal BBQ

Let’s go for a relaxing bike ride: the trip moves at an easy peace and helps you discover the UNESCO world heritage sites of Catania in a fun way… BY BIKE OF COURSE! You will get to know countless anecdotes – as well as discover delicious Sicilian street food. You’re spoilt for choice with two street markets and numerous stalls where you can taste real Sicilian bruschetta.


day 2


This is something that will stick in your mind for a long, long time, because we’re going on a jeep ride to up Mount Etna!
The volcano is still active, so you can see how lava moves, the mount’s craters and actually go inside its its caves like real
explorers, with a local guide by your side, who will tell you incredible stories about Mount Enta’s history.

day 3

ACITREZZA VISIT. A real ancient sicilian fishing village

Acitrezza is an old fishing village, rich in history and traditions. You will spend your time enjoying its beautiful seashore: you can go anywhere and discover the nearby Marine Protected Area of Lachea Island and the Cyclops Rocks.
In fact, it is said that here Polyphemus the Cyclops throw the rocks against Odysseus: have a look and let your imagination run free recalling the ancient Greek myth.
All you have to do is put your sunglasses on and have fun.


day 4


Let’s move on to the next stage of your travel experience: Siracusa is impressive, majestic and intriguing, with stunning and incredible glimpses of ancient history.

Accommodation decription:
A family run agritourism in Vendicari nature reserve where you can learn how to cook with Nonna Pinuccia as reveals her secret family Sicilian recipes. The motto here is “Stress-free”; it’s the perfect place where you can recharge your batteries surrounded by the sounds ofthe Sicilian countryside. The family who host you will make you feel totally at home. Enjoy real Sicilian hospitality.

Accommodation facilities :
Free WiFi, Free parking, Heating, Air Conditioning, Outdoor Pool, Facilities for disabled guests, Baggage storage, Pet friendly

day 5


Welcome to the historic centre of Siracusa: Ortigia!
Ride in a traditional three wheelers vehicle, called ‘Ape Calessino’ and discover the city in an easy and fun way.
Your Cicero-come-driver will lead you to the most stunning place and secret and along secret alleys on this Peninsula gazing across open sea and along the coastline.
Get a feel for Ortigia’s unique spirit: the people, the architecture, and of course its street food. You will be enraptured by the street market, full of colours and sounds: you won’t leave this place without colourful memories.
You’ll go on a boat ride to admire Ortigia prospective: the sea!
You will explore the hidden treasures, like the marine grottos that surround the old city you can also go snorkeling in the crystal water.


day 6


You will explore the former tuna fishing village of Marzamemi.
Nowadays this tradition is almost completely disappeared, but as you wander around the narrow street you can still see traces of its fascinating past. Get ready to enjoy the best fried fish ever near the enchanting harbour!

Next stop: WANDERING THROUGH NOTO, the city of almonds.

Noto is famous for its sweet almonds and we think you have already realized how important this kind of nut for Sicilian cuisine (does the delicious cassata ring a bell?).
But this city is a little jewel of Baroque architecture, too, and you can explore its glorious past and enjoy tasting its delicacies as well (almond granita for example).
After it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, the city was rebuilt in the baroque style that was common in the rest of Italy at the time. The architectural unity is what makes Noto so unique and is why it is a Unesco World Heritage site.

day 7

A visit to MODICA, then straight on to AGRIGENTO

On your way to Agrigento we should add a must-see stop that will blow your mind (and your mouth): MODICA!
Just think of the delicious smell of the chocolate permeating the air: you will learn not only how to make a delicious chocolate bar (flavour it as you like), but also about the world behind it, the stories, the curious anecdotes and the legends. The famous centuries-old bittersweet Modica chocolate recipe was passed on by the Aztecs to the Spanish conquerors in South America when Sicily was ruled by the Aragon. Ever since then, the chocolate of Modica has been made
according to the ancient Mexican recipe and method.



Accommodation description:
Using our guests’ word “when you stumble upon your bed and breakfast and it’s almost *too pretty* to believe! This family-run B&B is beautiful on the outside but wonderful on the inside too! Our hosts? Divine and so so helpful. As a family themselves they completely understand needs of parents“. Just in Agrigento city center!

For breakfast you can taste jams and typical local creams and other products of the territory.

Accommodation facilities :
Free WiFi, Heating, Luggage drop off, Air Conditioning


day 8

Dig deep into history in the VALLEY OF TEMPLES

You can’t say you have visited Agrigento unless you’ve seeing the UNESCO site of the Valley of the Temples. People from all around the world come to visit it for its outstanding beauty and we want you to enjoy it  too.


The last stop of your Sicilian Discovery takes you straight to the heart of the region, away from the city and to the more authentic side of the Island: the village where time has stood still.
You will learn how bread is made and how delicious is ricotta cheese is when you have just watched it being
In this old village, you will meet extraordinary people and encounters like these can even change your perspective on life.

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3 nights in Country House in Catania countryside (breakfast included)
3 nights in an agritourism bungalow in Siracusa countryside (breakfast included)
3 nights in a Country House in Agrigento countryside (breakfast included)
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