Are you thinking of visiting Veneto? Whether it is your first time to this wonderful region, Veneto offers everything you need while you’re on vacation – cultural cities, delicious cuisine, fantastic scenery from mountains and lakes to beaches, hills, spa towns and nature reserves. And we shouldn’t forget to mention the six UNESCO world heritage sites: Venice and its lagoon, the Botanical Garden of Padua, the Venetian Villas of Andrea Palladio, the cities of Vicenza and Verona and the Dolomites. So..

Why visit Veneto with Wanderjack?

We promote slow tourism that means a high quality of sustainable travel where you can discover each area of Veneto while respecting it, and get to know local people, the landscape, its heritage, culture and traditional products. We want you to see things in a whole new light, to live more like a local and discover details which are hidden away from the typical tourist even in Venice, it’s not a mission impossible!

We can design for you three different type of Travel Experiences for you based on how many days you want to spend in Veneto. To start with, just work out which kind of traveller you are, tell us and then we’ll recommend the perfect trip for you and customize it to suit your needs!

  • Do you suffer from wanderlust but have little time to plan anything? Are you always ready to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?If you’re curious  but you’re and want to experience new adventures.. You are a Heartpack Jack! Click here.
  • Do you travel with your family because it’s the most beautiful adventure you can have? It could seem to be harder  with the children but it’s only a question of good planning. You are a Family Jack! Click here.
  • Are you finally a retired but still an adventurous and sporty traveller ? Do you still want to taste yourself  while having fun? You are a Tracker Jack! Click here.
  • Have you travelled a lot during your life but your desire to learn isn’t finished yet? Are you a retired, curious traveller who  would like to get to know the world with a different awareness and “speed” as well? You are a Wise Jack! Click here.

Would you like to live the best travel experience adding to your trip some special activities as  tasting local delicacies or enjoying adrenaline sports?

Add to your trip program some daily experiences. Just take a look!.

What it means to discover Veneto with us



When you’re visiting a new city there’s always too much to see, so much to do and you have no idea where to eat. You only want to take a walk enjoying every moment. The rhythm, the flavors, the views of the city, as well as to the culture and to the voices of people who smile to every traveler, inviting him to come back.

We have drawed the Wanderings for visiting every place for real. Wandering means you’re free to wander in the city, accompanied by the Local Jack who will tell stories and anecdotes that only the locals know as you taste together the most typical local food of the city.

Venice, Treviso, Prosecco HillsPadua, Lake Garda, Verona: each city has its own peculiarities and hidden stories to be told.

And after wandering around the city with us, you will be set and ready to go wander just as the local people do!


He is a local friend, not a guide. He will lead you through less known paths, he will let you discover new and wonderful corners not present in tourist guides.

He will introduce you to his native places and to his friends. And you will enjoy with him the day- to- day living actions his town has.



They are the special moments included in your Travel experience. Each Daily Experience was drawn to discover for real this region: they could last few hours, half a day or a whole day depending on your lust of emotions.

We want for you to come back home with wonderful memories, a new knowledge of this territory through doing authentic experiences which have deep roots with the territory.

To be clear: if you want to visit Venice we couldn’t offer you a ride on a gondola. Instead, we offer you the incredible experience to meet the local artisan which made a gondola with its own bare hands.


Each accommodation has been chosen to be a smaller-scale locally-owned one, like B&B and agro-tourism, where you can have the real taste of the Veneto hospitality. Depending on your need, we will offer you the right place while resting during your amazing Travel Experience, whether is in the countryside of Prosecco Hills near Treviso or on a quite island of Venice.


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